Can You Do HIIT Workouts With KettleBells?

fitness datingHigh Intensity Interval Training is definitely not for the weak hearted, as it involves a lot of blood pumping exercises that will leave in a great shape in no time at all. Having said that, HIIT is easy enough to be understood and followed properly by a beginner also. There are some great hiit dvds you can try too.

The exercise routines themselves are simple, it is the intensity with which these exercises have been made is what matters the most and it is for this very reason that HIIT is so effective. There are success stories all over the Internet that people who have religiously tried out HIIT for 60 days have at least lost 30 pounds of fat, gained muscles and a great shape.

Basic KettleBell HIIT Tips

Kettlebells are extremely popular training aids and if done correctly then the workout routines can provide a complete body workout in less than half an hour. The kettlebells are tricky to workout with because unlike conventional dumb-bells it does not have rigid workout routines. It can be used to workout freeform style.

You need to hold a kettlebell in each hand and swing it lightly from one side to the other. You can also move in a circular motion, but be careful not to let the kettlbells slip from your hands. There are various workouts you can try with kettlebells and these are just a few of them.

To make it a HIIT workout, what you want to do is stagger your training. So you will do the move with FULL intensity (as hard/fast as you can while maintaining proper form) for 30 seconds. You’ll then lower the intensity for 10-15 seconds, and then repeat the whole thing a few times. The general principles of HIIT workouts are usually the same.

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