HIIT Training on an Elliptical Machine

high-intensity-trainingThe beauty of High Intensity Interval Training is that it can be done with or without any gym equipment. Like any other regular type of workout, using gym equipment increases the intensity further. But sometimes, it’s just a good idea to get a hiit workout dvd that works.

It goes without saying that ellipticals are great for the body because it works out the entire body, targets all the muscle groups including the core muscles. In fact, if you want to lose weight then training with ellipticals may be an intelligent option. Since ellipticals emulate a free form of exercise, it energizes you at the end of the exercise and leaves you feeling fresh and healthy.

How To Do The HIIT Elliptical Workout

If you want to start with a simple exercise then start slowly on the ellipticals pedaling at a comfortable speed. Always hold the handles while training to workout your upper body as well. Now gradually start increasing your speed and moving at a much greater pace as before. You should continue at this rate for about 2 minutes before slowing down.

This is your rest period but you do not actually stop exercising. You continue pedaling but at a slower rate, although more than the rate at the beginning. After a minute of rest, increase your speed again. You should continue at this speed for 2 minutes again.

You need to repeat this cycle for about 7-8 times for maximum results. If you are capable of taking more than this then you can repeat this cycle as many times as possible.

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