How Does HIIT Work and Why’s It Better?

10-Baby-Steps-Towards-Better-Health-and-FitnessIf you do not know what High Intensity Interval Training is all about or you have never heard people talk about it, then you are in for a shocker because HIIT workouts are the buzzword in the fitness circuit and it has become more popular than any other workout style out there. HIIT owes its success to its results which are astonishing and on the face.

If you are worried about losing weight and are tired of trying out everything under the Sun to lose weight fast, then your search is over. HIIT workouts are, as the name suggests, extremely intensive and tiring. The first time you do HIIT you may even be discouraged to take it up again since it makes your entire body work hard to burn maximum fat and gain muscles. The question is whether HIIT is really worth all the hype it is enjoying.

If you do not believe the fitness freaks who are hardline followers of High Intensity Interval Training, then trust the hundreds of doctors around the world who have conducted experiments with fitness trainers and have come to the same conclusion. HIIT workouts do burn more fat than regular exercises and it is more effective than regular cardiovascular exercises at this. In fact, doctors have shown that an hour of high intensity exercises can yield the same effects you would expect if you did cardio training for 10 hours continuously.

You may still have some doubts about how could this be possible. Well, it is possible if you are squeezing in an hour of exercise into 10 minutes. Eventually, it is about making your body work and if you are making your body work like crazy in about 10 minutes, your body responds to this sudden change in metabolism by revving up its engines and starting to burn fat. The excess fat in your body is burnt by it naturally when you take your body to a state of deprivation. This does not mean you will starve yourself to lose weight like in fad diets. HIIT rather expects you to eat normally and eat healthy. There is nothing wrong about eating the same quantity of food you used to if you are replacing the items in your diet with healthy and green replacements.

During High Intensity Interval Training the body reaches a state of extremely high metabolism. At this state, the body wants to bring the metabolism rate to the normal rate. The only way it knows how to do this is by burning fat and letting off excess energy it has been conserving all this time.

In fact, HIIT workouts are so effective that some trainers have proved that it burns more than ten times the fat at a fraction of the time it takes cardio exercise routines to do the same. A workout routine consisting of HIIT exercises will also leave you energized and rejuvenated for a tiring day at work. HIIT exercises help keep burning fat in the body even 24 hours after you are done training.

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