About Us

Welcome to Axles of Evil – a website all about health and fitness. We exist for one reason and one reason only – to get better, healthier, faster, stronger and live a longer and more fulfilled life.

The best way to a better life is through fitness & nutrition, brain & mental health and a search for true happiness, well-being and fulfillment.. Well-being is so much more than just working out and eating right. It’s about mental health and spiritual health.

And anything that is not meant to improve your life is pure evil. And the world is full of that kind of stuff – it’s how it works. It’s the machine. And it keeps churning away.

But you don’t have to succumb to the temptations of a fat, lazy, unhappy, un-motivated, stress filled ugly life.

You can be better

And so we’re against these axles of evil and here to spread the good word of health and well-being – in all forms. So if you’re interested in learning what we learn – stay tuned.

One thing though – we’re no experts. We’re not even that smart. But we try to listen to smart people. But please, before you decide to choose any supplements, workouts, diets or anything else you read not only here, but anywhere online, please consult a doctor or medical/fitness/nutrition professional.

Remember – we’re trying to live better lives. No point in fucking that up in some blind quest to try every new thing we find.

Having said that, we’re sharing news and views from around the web. Hope you enjoy!

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